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About us


We are Arnošt, Jakub and Michaela Hálek (dad & kids), a family of bikers from Prague-Suchdol, who have been running a motorbike rental since 2010. 

How did it all start? 

By 2000, our dad got his first big bike (a Suzuki Marouder 800). Whenever he could, he would take us with him as "backpacks". And that's how we also fell for motorcycles. As soon as it was possible, we started to ride our own small motorcycles. Dad switched to a Honda (VTX 1200 and later Goldwing 1800). Honda has become a matter of our hearts. That's why we most offer bikes of this brand in our rental shop. Over the years, we also switched to more powerful bikes. We can't imagine life today without motorcycles and even spend our holidays on motorcycles. We have ridden our motorcycles in many European countries and are happy to pass on our experience. 

So in 2010, we thought of conveying the pleasure of riding to those who don't have their own motorcycle. We bought three new motorcycles and started a motorcycle rental shop. Since then, our offer has grown from six bikes to almost 40 motorcycles and scooters. We gradually renew our bikes and make efforts to offer the hottest news from the world of motorcycles.